PhD Student - Complex Networks/Physics

Universidade Federal de Viçosa - Brazil




[6] Spectral properties and the accuracy of mean-field approaches for epidemics on correlated networks

Diogo H. Silva, Silvio C. Ferreira, Wesley Cota, Romualdo Pastor-Satorras, Claudio Castellano

[5] Quantifying echo chamber effects in information spreading over political communication networks

Wesley Cota, Silvio C. Ferreira, Romualdo Pastor-Satorras, Michele Starnini


[4] Robustness and fragility of the susceptible-infected-susceptible epidemic models on complex networks

Wesley Cota, Angélica S. Mata, Silvio C. Ferreira

[3] Griffiths phases in infinite-dimensional, non-hierarchical modular networks

Wesley Cota, Géza Ódor, Silvio C. Ferreira


[2] Optimized Gillespie algorithms for the simulation of Markovian epidemic processes on large and heterogeneous networks

Wesley Cota, Silvio C. Ferreira


[1] Griffiths effects of the susceptible-infected-susceptible epidemic model on random power-law networks

Wesley Cota, Silvio C. Ferreira, Géza Ódor

Wesley Cota

PhD student at Universidade Federal de Viçosa (Brazil), studying the spreading of epidemics on Complex Networks.

Departamento de Física
Universidade Federal de Viçosa
Viçosa, Minas Gerais, Brazil